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Zaid says he will return to active politics - Malaysian Insider

March 23, 2009 By Neville Spykerman

Not sure if Anwar gets it all. Kelantanese Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and menteri besar of his homestate Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat ae probably speaking in Kelantanese, leaving a smiling Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim guessing the joke.

PETALING JAYA, March 23 — Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who was sacked from Umno, said today he would eventually join another political party.

But he declined to say which party he was considering.

Zaid said he was still in active politics and was close to leaders of all three Pakatan rakyat (PR) parties.

“I will make an announcement when the time comes but I am in no hurry.”

He said he would join a party in which he would be most effective.

Zaid was speaking after the launch his second book Saya Pun Melayu, which also saw the launch of Pas spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s book entitled Kemilau Peribadi, at the Tropicana Golf and Country Club here.

The former minister also said that Malaysia needed a leader to unite rather than divide now more than ever.

He said as a democracy, leaders should show some maturity and lead by example.

Zaid, who has been labelled a traitor by his former Umno colleagues for saying that the King had the discretion not to appoint Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the next prime minister, said his suggestion was just an idea.

Former Umno minister, now Umno's leading critic Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, speaks at the launch of his book, 'Saya pun Melayu' at the Tropicana Golf Club.
Speaking in reference to the current economic and political turmoil in the country, Zaid said he had nothing personal against Najib and admitted he was not a soothsayer.

“He (Najib) may be the (right) person (to lead the country) so prove me wrong.”

But he said Umno should be more tolerant of dissenting views.

“I am just an ordinary rakyat but they are so dismissive and this reflects on their leadership style. ”

Zaid compared the personal attacks against him to the divisive politics of the 60s where Pas and Umno members used to burnt flags and effigies of each other.

“It is like the people have progressed but the (Umno) leaders have not and I feel sorry for them.”

Zaid said he hopes his book will be read especially by the Malay community and

denied the launch date was set to coincide with the Umno General Assembly.

“It a coincidence, like many others things in this country.” he quipped.

Also at the event today, was Nik Aziz and opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

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