Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mad Cow Disease in Penang

NO HOLDS BARRED by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Researchers in University Science Malaysia (USM), Penang, have traced local beef as the source of the recent outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. According to Professor Abdool Rehman Maideen, the university decided to conduct this research when it was discovered that many Indians of the Muslim faith appeared to be acting very strange one hour after a heavy meal that comprised of beef.

“The Indians of the Hindu faith did not seem to catch this disease,” explained Professor Abdool Rehman. “It is only those Indians of the Muslim faith who got it. So we suspected that it must have something to do with their diet since many Hindus are vegetarians and most would not consume beef.”

“But what is most perplexing,” said Professor Abdool Rehman, “Malays also eat the same thing but they do not appear to be prone to this disease. In fact, many Chinese, Thais, and others as well eat local beef but how come they are immune from this disease?”

“I think we are seeing a new strain or mutated form of Mad Cow Disease. This is not the same strain that hit this country a couple of years ago. This strain hits only Indians, in this case Indians who eat beef like those Indians of the Muslim faith.”

“It may no longer be accurate to call this disease Mad Cow Disease although it does come from cows and those inflicted with the disease do act like mad cows. Our university has renamed this disease Mamak Disease in light of the fact that Mamaks seem to be the only people who suffer from this problem.”

“We did some tests on Malays and Chinese, and although they eat the same beef as the Indians of the Muslim faith, they do not appear to be prone to the disease -- and neither are Indians who are Christians. We would love to also do some tests on Indians of the Hindu faith but the problem is we can’t get them to agree to consume beef even though it is for research purposes.”

“The way those affected with this disease act is quite frightening,” said Professor Abdool Rehman. “People have been known to jump up from their chairs, try to climb walls, and they would pull down and destroy paintings and photographs. The look on their faces when they go berserk is something you have to personally see to appreciate. It is indeed a most ugly sight that words can never describe. The fact that most of these people are already ugly to start off with makes it even worse. I for one would dread to catch such a disease and that is why from now on I have become a vegetarian and shun all forms of meat.”

Pictures courtesy of Kwong Wah Yit Poh


mca7forjustice said...

Whimpering MCA, Gerakan and MIC Leaders Wilt in Face of Big Brother UMNO!
So, the BN component parties have agreed to allow UMNO to decide on any action to be taken against that unworthy recipient of the Datukship title Ahmad Ismail, for uttering racist remarks against Chinese.

What a useless bunch of leaders we have in MCA and Gerakan and MIC. This Ahmad goes round openly flouting the ISA and Sedition Act and what not, yet MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not demand at the BN Supreme Council meeting today that such a seditious utterer be charged under the existing laws. How they can delegate the actions to be taken against Ahmad, to UMNO solely, is beyond comprehension. Should not the law of the country apply to Ahmad instead? Should the police not take steps to charge Ahmad instead? How is it that the MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders do not insist at the BN Supreme Council Meeting that the law be applied to Ahmad, instead, they are preferring internal UMNO party procedures take precedent over the laws of the land?

If this is the case, then it is best that ISA and Sedition Act be abolished altogether, for it seems that the present government is indulging in selective prosecution yet again. And in fact, this is our stand, that the ISA and Sedition Act are draconian laws that should be abolished for it is increasingly appearing to be as a tool to be used only when convenient. If UMNO procedures can take precedence over these laws, then there really is no point in having these laws.

Utterly Useless Whimpering MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders!


Tuanku said...

As reported in The Star today:-

Umno has suspended Bukit Bendera division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail three years over his alleged racist remarks about the Chinese. As a result of the suspension, Ahmad will be stripped of all party posts and voting rights. He will remain an ordinary member however.

“If it is necessary, the ISA may be used on those who stoke racial tension,” said Pak Lah.

Questions by all rakyat Malaysia to our “blur, blur” PM today :-

(a) What happen to the police investigations and outcome from the AG office on actions to be taken against Ahmad Ismail ? When AG is going to charge Ahmad Ismail under Seditious Act or let him go free because he is member of UMNO ? Where is JUSTICE for selective prosecution on who you know ?

(b) Why no use ISA on Ahmad Ismail to put him behind bars for 2 years in Kamunting Camp to join the 5 Indians from HINDRAF ? What so special about Ahmad Ismail is above the Malaysia Law today?

(c) A verdict of 3 years suspension on without portfolio post for Ahmad Ismail is small pinch on his hand or a minor slap on his wrist as compared with his serious severe racist remarks last fews days. Such verdict is considered a less effective since a serious stern action should be imposed on Ahmad Ismail as promised by Pak Lah.

Now Ahmad Ismail is just an ordinary member of UMNO without holding any post is free to create more havocs together with his supporters can cause security threat to the peaceful nation in Malaysia. All Malaysians are worried to know when Ahmad Ismail "Big Dirty" mouth will open again to insult another race in this holy Ramadan month.

(d) Can Malaysians trust UMNO to lead BN again if no serious stern actions should be taken against Ahmad Ismail to keep him out of the streets like other 5 Hindraf members got locked up behind bars for 2 years ? Dont be suprised that Ahmad Ismail service is still require to perform his heroic racist remarks again after 3 years suspension is over to participate in 13th GE.
As mentioned by Ahmad Ismail said he will be back. Yes, the Empire Strike back in coming 13th GE ?

This 4 simple long questions are vital to be answered by Pak Lah and UMNO leaders if UMNO and BN want to win back the heart and soul of all Malaysians regardless of race, religion, creed and culture. Will BN willing to change today after Ahmad Ismail saga?

The Rakyat verdict is simple :

Ahmad Ismail is GUILTY, for his outburst racist remarks and sinful acts as follows:-

(a) His racist remark by calling Chinese minority as "Pendatang or Immigrant" and dont deserved any equal rights in Malaysia.

(b) His reference to Chinese people intention to grab political power like the American Jews since they monopolised the economy in Malaysia.

(c) His claimed that UMNO is racist, MCA is racist, Gerakan is racist and MIC is racist, hence BN is a racist component parties. Therefore, people called him racist because he belongs to the racist parties.

“Ahmad Ismail” heroic saga has concluded today after few seconds of sandiwara judgement in PWTC. So what are the next hot political topics from BN and Pakatan Rakyat?


“The Gate to HELL already closed in August 08 but an Evil Guy was still left roaming around in Penang to cause more havoc on racist remarks. Can the Emperor of HELL takes him away forever and locked him up in HELL and stay out from Tanah Melayu Malaysia to keep our peaceful multi racial nation called Malaysia Boleh.” said a new Mummy from Heaven today.