Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kedah DAP to quit Pakatan - Star

Jul 2, 2009

ALOR SETAR: The state DAP has decided to quit the Pakatan Rakyat citing “undelivered promises” by the Kedah government as one of the reasons.

The PAS-led state government was also accused of not giving equal treatment to all Kedahans.

State DAP chairman Thomas Su said the decision was made via a resolution yesterday, adding he would inform the DAP headquarters of it.

“This is our (Kedah DAP’s) decision. The final decision will be made by our national leaders,” he told reporters after witnessing the demolition of an illegal pig slaughterhouse by the Alor Setar City Council in Kampung Berjaya in Jalan Putra here yesterday.

The demolition of the slaughterhouse was another reason which had prompted the state DAP to quit the pact.

Su said the state DAP, which holds one seat in Kedah’s 36-seat legislature, was upset over the incident, accusing the state government of not handling the matter properly.

“Although the slaughterhouse was operating on land belonging to the Alor Setar City Council, the state government has the power to postpone the demolition. This will give more time for the Kedah Pig Traders and Slaughterer Association which operates the slaughterhouse to find a new site,” he said.

Mayor Datuk Khazali Din was quoted as saying recently that the abattoir had been erected illegally on the site for the past 30 years.

The council had ordered the association to vacate the place several times since 1995 with the latest in May this year.

At the Parliament lobby, Pakatan leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the pact’s leadership would discuss the matter today.

DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said the Kedah DAP’s decision was “an act of frustration” as the state government had a number of unresolved issues in the past year.

“DAP has only one seat in Kedah. Many non-Malays come to them for help. Many of these issues are sensitive as well,” she said.

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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Let me put this bluntly.
Why we have so many bloody fools in PR?
1- Why we still have the Kulim fella?
2- Why 3 traitors went over to bn and we lost a state.
3- Why PAS started unity talks with the other side
4- Now kedah DAP wanna quit just because of some simple issues.

All PR forgotten their pledges made?