Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Manek Urai: PAS wins by 65 votes - Malaysiakini

Jul 14, 09 3:48pm

Kelantan PAS leader Husam blamed the narrow victory on vote buying. He said PAS had lodged a report over the matter and hoped that action would be taken.

According to him, BN should build a new bridge in Manek Urai as it has won the polling station in that area.

"We lost as a result of money politics,” he said. He nevertheless congratulated Manek Urai voters for resisting the 'bribes' offered by Umno to allow PAS to retain the seat. Hatta said that the bridge was "far too tempting" for some voters.

Husam also denied that Nik Aziz's influence was diminishing.

When asked whether the controversy involving party's No 2 Nasharuddin Mat Isa had a impact on the outcome of the by-election, he skirted the question by saying it was a naughty question.

Meanwhile, new state representative Mohd Fauzi Abdullah said he respected the decision of the voters and that he would serve the constituents despite scoring a reduced majority.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

More hard work for Pakatan Rakyat or more bickering for Pakatan Rakyat ?

This will be up to the leaders from the 3 parties to decide.
I did my duty, you all as voters also did your duties and voted for a change.
This in effect also changes some of our leaders and they went into a blind and greedy mode. Greedy enough to bargain with umno using our votes as chips.
After the 3 traitors from Perak , PAS own president and deputy still saw it fit to bargain with umno.
And currently wild accusations from Penang to Selangor.

Manek urai is NOT a win for PAS nor for Pakatan . Manek urai is a pathetic result of Pakatan's bickering .

PAS let down the Tok Guru Nik Aziz in Manek Urai.
And PKR and DAP let us down with constant childish internal fights.
What is this ?
Does Pakatan Rakyat still needs my vote next time ?, still needs a few ringgit in your coffer? ,
Tell us now .
Some of us wants to know if our lousy votes are good enough for Pakatan.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Until now there are still NO words on who were absent from Parliament .
Who were deliberately absent when its time to pass the DNA bill.
Pakatan cannot solely blame this piece of law on bn.