Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pemuda Gerakan mahu Tajudin mohon maaf - Malaysiakini

Jul 5, 08 3:01pm

Pemuda Gerakan kecewa dengan kenyataan ahli Parlimen Pasir Salak, Datuk Tajudin Abdul Rahman di Dewan Rakyat baru-baru ini bahawa orang bukan Melayu adalah dari keturunan kaum pendatang ke Malaysia.

Ketuanya, Datuk Mah Siew Keong berkata kenyataan ahli Parlimen Umno itu telah menyentuh perasaan orang bukan Melayu.

"Kita sedang dalam usaha membina sebuah bangsa Malaysia dan kita harus faham perasaan setiap rakyat Malaysia.

"Tidak seorang pun yang boleh menerima kenyataan seumpama itu. Oleh itu Datuk Tajudin Abdul Rahman harus memohon kepada semua rakyat Malaysia," kata Mah dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Mah menyifatkan kenyataan Tajudin sebagai satu langkah ke belakang selepas Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaannya.

Tajudin dilaporkan membangkit perkara tersebut ketika mengulas keputusan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam mengurangkankan nisbah pemberian biasiswa kepada pelajar bumiputera dan menaikkan nisbah biasiswa untuk bukan bumiputera.

Ahli Parlimen Pasir Salak itu dilaporkan berkata, beliau tidak membantah JPA menaikkan nisbah biasiswa kepada bukan bumiputera tetapi mahu nisbah 80 peratus untuk bumiputera dikekalkan.

Dalam hubungan itu, Mah berkata, pemberian biasiswa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) baru-baru ini adalah satu dasar kerajaan ke arah pencapaian berdasarkan meritokrasi.

"Dan keputusan yang dbuat oleh kepimpinan Barisan Nasional mesti dipatuhi," katanya.


Tuanku said...

Dear Malaysians and all Readers,

Now Malaysians no longer knew what to believe, who to trust, who to listen and we were “tired of reading about the political sandiwaras, dramas, especially online and media news”. Well, who is lying and cheating the public with all such allegations among all political parties such as Anwar sodomy case, Najib SDs, Altantuya murder case, Pak Lah step down motion, Dr M's judiciary issues, Lingam tape, Ketuanan Melayu agenda, Gerakan closed shop, MIC -Indian snake and UMNO corrupt money and greedy stooges contesting in the party general election...etc.

Malaysians don't know what to believe any more. Everyone politician is accusing the other. Malaysians feel that things have been blown out of proportion and the rakyat's welfare is forgotten.

Malaysians from all walks of life are suffering daily. This is because of the five major reasons happened in Malaysia:

(a) Dr M made a worst blunder stupid political decision in his entire 22 years ruling the nation was to appoint a kurang bijak sleepy successor who destroy his dream party, losing the 12th GE and getting DR M sacked voluntray from UMNO with a big SHAME.

(b) Political tsunami wave in 12th GE changed the political scenarios in Malaysia and all dirty shit have surfaced out from past legacy of wrongdoings from UMNO & BN croonies to wake up Malaysians today.

(c) The Pakatan Rakyat formation and YAB DSAI supermacy to fight and defend the rights of Ketuanan Rakyat inflicted UMNO called for Ketuanan Melayu, played racist cards again and naming Indian as a Snake and called Chinese are migrants. The weaknesses of PM stands on his own feet failed and he required a big tongkat ali supports from 4th floor morons/goonies and little napoleans had caused him more troubles and his downfall soon.

(d) Retailation of cancelling mega projects in Penang and Perak. Revaluation of other all dream corridors projects in Pakatan Rakyat states by the loser BN govt are causing more harm and damages to the economy and financial well being of the nation. The devaluation of ringgit against forex exchange, the selldown of shares in Bursa Malaysia and the rising prices in inflated economy are proofs to show BN leaders esp PM & Co are incompentent, kurang bijak and less credible in managing the entire financial and economy of Malaysia. Unlike Dr M looks like "BAD PM" during his 22 years of iron fist rule but he had successfully developed the nation and avoided the fiscal crisis in Malaysia.

(e) Malaysians regretted their decisions knocking their heads on the walls for revoting Pak Lah to head the nation. Pak Lah unkind and kurang bijak announcement on increased fuel price above 42% in petrol and 63% in diesel price had caused a spiral of BIG FIRE in the economy and financial position in Malaysian. Malaysians faced with various increased of prices of goods and services for past 2 months and the daily prices kept on increasing beyond the control of stupid BN leaders.

Both politicians in BN and Pakatan Rakyat are fighting for personal interests and avoiding the people interest today. Malaysians called all politicians should solve the problems among themselves before making it a public issue. We are fed up with all useless problems in their parties and dont benefits the rakyat and nation.

Many Malaysians interviewed today lamented over the rising costs of living that was more difficult to manage now. More Malaysians are becoming slave workers need to do two or three jobs in order to meet their basis survival lodging and food end of the day. The lowing standard of living of Malaysians are becoming bad to worse to worst by days due to the poor governance and corrupted leaders decision to enrish themselves and caused the nation poorer by days.

The rich businessmen and politicians are becoming rich to richer to richest with the prices hike thanked the BN greed government for passing the price increased motion in the Parliament. How about the 100% increased in income for directors and croonies in CGL and plcs caused more damages to the economy in Malaysia ? The higher income group do not really have to worry about the rising costs of living, but it is the lower and middle-income groups who will be affected.

"There is too much politicking and too little performance. People expect quality leadership from elected leaders but instead are being served with a great deal of polarisation and there is a poverty of ideas," said Transparency International president Tan Sri Ramon V. Navaratnam.

"The latest political development where leaders accuse one another of immoral conduct certainly does not boost public confidence and it gives Malaysia a bad international image,” said National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia secretary-general Rev Wong Kim Kong.

We agreed with both statements reported in The Star on Sunday, 7/7/2008.

Lastly, Malaysians cried non-stop daily and charged out loud, “Nobody is bothered about our suffering,”.

What the PM and DPM are more concerns about their own greeds to stay on power and let their croonies/ goonies to enrich themselves with the nation rich resources at the expenditures of the poor rakyat Malaysia?

Malaysians are so proud to say, MALAYSIA BOLEH !
Foreigners are so proud to say, MALAYSIA APA PUN BOLEH CAKAP CAKAP AJE !

Now let change all arrogant land corrupt leaders cum politicians today but not the good people running the civil services for the better future of Malaysia. If you and we believed the best ways to stop the political power play gripping the nation - JOM PROTEST & JOM TUKAR !" said Anak Tuanku Bangsa Malaysia.

We write without FEAR or FAVOUR in TRUTH ! IN GOD WE TRUST.


Tuanku said...

Anonymus Sabahans stories in SAAP Blog said :

"Datuk Yong and SAPP can take the lead in making known the difficulties Sabah is facing with its illegal immigrants to the international community. It should also make known the racist immigration policies of the UMNO government that is racially cleansing the Chinese while granting million plus citizenship illegally to illegal immigrants.

Mr. Lee Kuang Yew of Singapore had condemned the marginalization of the Chinese in 2006 which triggered an angre exchange with Badawi and the UMNO government. Datuk Yong should enlist the help of Mr. Lee Kuang Yew to make known the dangerous situation in sabah with regards to the illegal immigrant to the UN, US, EU, Taiwan, mainland China, and the international community in general.

If the international community can condemn Philippines for the serious and worsening problem of illegal immigrants, then the problem can be more easily solved. At least Datuk Yong will garner kudos with the Sabahans for his efforts in trying to solve this problem.

International condemnation of the Philippines government for not taking back the illegal immigrants and the UMNO government for implementing the racist immigration policy will put the spotlight on this serious problem and get this problem solved quickly.

This will be much more effective than simply voting no confidence against Badawi. Badawi is not the original author of this racist policy. He is only the current head of the UMNO government. Even if he were replaced, the next UMNO head will still continue the same racist policy and nothing is changed. Therefore, the solution to the problem is eliminating the UMNO government and replacing it with a new government dedicated to racial equality such as the PR government."

Now let's wonder two UMNO morons played racist card again to inflict big FIRE toward challenging non-Malays parities like MCA, Gerakan and MIC and all Malaysians today.

Read what the two ADUN and MP morons from UMNO had voiced out loudly and clearly in Perak Assembly and House of Parliament in Malaysia:-

(a) Sg Rapat ADUN Hamidah statement meanings to say "all INDIAN communities are worst than SNAKES"?

(b) Pasir Salak, Datuk Tajudin Abdul Rahman statement in Dewan Rakyat said " Non Malays are immigrant races" to Malaysia.

The TRUE faces are coming out from UMNO when their Morons are heroing their serious racist ideas in Malaysia.


We write without FEAR or FAVOUR in TRUTH ! IN GOD WE TRUST.