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Did Najib lied?

Malaysiakini Jul 3, 2008: By Anwar Ibrahim

These revelations speak for themselves. They reveal, amongst others, the following allegations:

1. Mr Balasubramaniam was engaged by Abdul Razak Baginda to deal with alleged harassment by Altantuya in relation to debts owed to her (Paragraph 5 and 6).

2. Altantuya was promised a commission of USD 500,000 for assisting in a submarine deal in Paris (Paragraph 22, Paragraph 25.5 and Paragraph 28.2 and 28.3 ).

3. Altantuya was introduced to Razak Baginda by Najib Abduk Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore ( Paragraph 25.5 and Paragraph 28.1).

4. Altantuya, Najib and Razak Baginda had all been seen together at a dinner in Paris (Paragraph 28.2).

5. After the disappearance of Altantuya, a commotion took place in front of Razak Baginda's house several days after Dec 20, 2006 where girl friends of Altantuya and one Mr Ang (Altantuya's own private investigator) arrived searching for Altantuya.

Mr Balasubramaniam's evidence also mentions the extent of the relationship between Altantuya and Najib. We are not interested in the personal nature of the relationship. That is entirely his own business and hers.

However the allegations revealed by him raise key questions of public interest:

a) Suppression of evidence by the police investigating officers and those responsible for prosecuting this case. Such suppression could only have happened with the full knowledge of top public officials such as the IGP and the AG.

b) The question is also raised as to whether such suppression of evidence was the reason behind the last minute switch in DPP's handling the case - where the head of the Criminal Division of the AG's Chambers, Yusuf Zainal Abiden was completely sidelined from the case leading him and the senior DPP originally slotted for the case Sallehudin Saidin to put in papers for early retirement some months later.

c) Questions can be raised now with regard to the sudden switching of the judge fixed to hear the case which took place in March 2007 - why was this really done?

d) Did Najib lie when he said that he had never met Altantuya before?

e) Did Najib lie when he said that he was not involved in any commission deals for the purchases of the Scorpene submarines"

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