Monday, May 26, 2008

Develop Pulau Pisang to prevent Pulau Pasir Puteh's fate, says MP - The Sun

KUALA LUMPUR (May 26, 2008):

Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan urged the government in to develop Johor's Pulau Pisang to prevent it from experiencing the Pulau Pasir Puteh fate.
He said although the 446-acre island belonged to Malaysia, there is a Singaporean lighthouse errected on the island on an old agreement during the colonial era that "as long as there are moon and stars and that the lighthouse is needed", it will be there on the island.

"The lighthouse is now guarded by Singaporeans and no one is allowed to go near the lighthouse.

"There is no need for the lighthouse now as the global positioning system is now used by the maritime for direction.

"I hope the government will talk to its Singapore counterpart to remove the lighthouse from the island," he told a press conference in Parliament lobby today.

Ahmad added that although Singapore has not claimed island from Malaysia, "I really hope that will not happen".

He said he had also visited the island found it an island with petential for tourism and fishing.

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