Friday, May 30, 2008

Keputusan Sdr Ezam

May 30, 2008 By Anwar Ibrahim

Kini setelah sah penyertaan beliau bersama Umno maka ingin saya tegaskan bahawa beliau telah lama meninggalkan perjuangan KeADILan - sabelum Kongres dan jelas sebelum PRU12 lalu.

Justeru itu keputusan tersebut adalah hasrat peribadi beliau.


Anwar: Ezam gave up on PKR struggles
May 30, 08 2:04pm

Malaysiakini reported today that PKR's de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim today said that his former political secretary Ezam Mohd Nor re-joined Umno on his own personal wish after having long discarded the PKR struggles.

"I would like to stress that he has given up on the PKR struggles - before the party's annual congress last year and definitely before the March 8 general election," he said in his blog today.

Last year he had a bitter fall out with Anwar and vice-president Azmin Ali. This followed an internal power struggle, which resulted in Ezam quitting the party.

Since then he had been critical of Anwar's style of leadership and Azmin's role as a dominant schemer in the party.

After that he had concentrated on his anti-corruption NGO, Gerak, of which he was the head. He has now quit that post as well after joining Umno.

Yesterday he said that he was convinced by Abdullah's anti-corruption agenda and thus his decision to re-join Umno.


Anak Malaysia said...

Assalaamualaikum Sdr Ezam,

Rakyat jelata wish Sdr Ezam will "walk the talk" to fight corruptions and clean up the government machineries and the biggest race party in his main objectives after re-joined the country biggest race party in Malaysia.

Rakyat jelata is glad that PM's anti-graft agenda won Ezam change of mind without any personal interest agenda.

Rakyat jelata will read, see and listen from Sdr Ezam on his forthcoming performance results on anti-graft war agenda drives after Sdr Ezam has voiced some questionable constructive criticisms without proven facts to his former KeAdilan Party, his Master and the current new Selangor state government.

Rakyat jelata wish to advice Sdr Ezam to understand a bumiputra tribe "orang asli" proverb quoted:

"A person should not talk bad, curse or shit on own previous beliefs, actions and decisions made collectively against own Master, comrades, society, association or entity. As such the person negative remarks and actions will become a person own curse and bad karma based on the universe cause and effect faith on the person if such words are untrue and bad faith."

Last but not least, Rakyat Bangsa Malaysia wish Sdr Ezam all the best in his new career undertaking and he does serve the people well (irrespective of races, religions, beliefs and culture) and also protect the nation Malaysia.

Selamat Berkhidmat Untuk Rakyat & Negara.


Harapan semua anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia :-

Anak Melayu, Anak Cina, Anak India, Anak Kadazan, Anak Melanau, Anak Dayak, Anak-anak kaum kaum minority Malaysians.

artic turban said...

INI di panggil bodoh-sombong, mana ada maruah orang macam ini, senang di beli, umno bagi dia tu gula2 maniskan bibir, dan untuk beli hati. macam ni pun ada melayu tak sedar diri, konon-nya nak lawan untuk keadilan rakyat, nampaknya tertawan dgn wang. melayu macam ni tak bolih cari wang cara halal saja cara haram.