Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Round-Up News from Malaysiakini May 26, 2008

PKR kicks off campaign to win S'wak

By Tony Thien

PKR has begun what it hopes will be the first step in to eventually taking over the state government from Barisan Nasional with the launch of its new division over the weekend in the predominantly-Iban based Lubok Antu area in Sri Aman Division.

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who officiated at the launch on Saturday morning, described Lubok Antu - about 250km from state capital Kuching - as the gateway for opposition Pakatan Rakyat to enter Sarawak to prepare for the next state elections due in two to three years.

Presently, Pakatan holds seven out of the 71 state seats - DAP six and PKR one, all Chinese-majority seats.

Pulau Pisang: Another banana skin for M'sia?
May 26, 08 3:45pm

Another island, another lighthouse operated by Singapore - will the government lose Pulau Pisang the way it embarrassingly lost Pulau Batu Puteh to its southern neighbour?

Pas Youth chief Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil, in a separate statement, urged Malaysia to meet with Singapore to determine ownership over the island.

He pointed out that:

• The Marine Department of Malaysia does not list the Pulau Pisang lighthouse as one of the 14 lighthouses managed by the government.

• Data from the University of North Carolina states that the lighthouse is owned and managed by Singapore.

• The Lighthouse Depot website recognises Singapore’s authority in managing the island, so long as the lighthouse is in operation, even though the island is located in Malaysian territory.

• MPA has indicated that Singapore is still managing the lighthouse.

Should Anwar apologise?

By Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh

In a recent interview in The Star, Haris Ibrahim, the initiator behind the People's Parliament, made an intriguing observation. He said that he would like to hear PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim apologise for all his actions (and inactions) during his 16 years in government.

"My contention is very simple," he says. "Tell this nation, 'I was wrong. I am sorry and I want to work with you', and I think we can move forward."

Haris added that he had been tracking Anwar's public statements for the last few years and he has yet to see him make an unqualified apology to the nation.

The question of whether Anwar should admit and apologise for certain mistakes or wrongdoings is all the more relevant now that there is a serious possibility he might become the next prime minister if his Pakatan Rakyat coalition takes over power.

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