Monday, February 9, 2009

GUAN ENG: DAP to continue to support Anwar as PR leader - NST

KUALA LUMPUR, MON: Feb 9, 2009

DAP will continue to support Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the opposition leader, DAP Secterary-General Lim Guan Eng said.

He said Anwar would remain as Pakatan Rakyat leader and as the oppostion leader as agreed by the PR leaderships.

“He will remain, as no single leader has ever questioned this during internal meetings whether at the highest level or otherwise,” he said in a statement here, today.

He said PR had endorsed a position that no individual party policy could be regarded a PR policy unless it was approved unanimously by all three parties.

He also appealed to DAP chairman Karpal Singh to use internal party channels if he wished to change policies within the PR instead of using the media.

Yesterday, Karpal Singh told a news conference that Anwar was not fit to lead the PR and that he had been “nothing but trouble” for the opposition alliance.

His remarks came in the wake of the PR losing the Perak state government to the Barisan Nasional (BN) on Friday, which Karpal blamed on the immorality of Anwar in trying to seek defectors from the BN to shore up the PR.


Tuanku said...

Dear Malaysian Readers,

It is the darkest day of democracy in Perak state.

I am a democracy citizen and stand neutral in my comments here. I have noted that the constitution crisis in Perak is due to many important factors that both parties in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional failed to understand and repent which causes political unstable in Malaysia.

I wish to identify 3 major factors missing in PR and 2 vital missing factors in BN to convince Malaysians today.

For Pakatan Rakyat:


PR has no single strong leader to lead and control the entire coalition. All leaders in PR coalition, DAP, PKR and PAS are free to voice out and bad mouth each other leaders within the coalition and also fighting with BN leaders. Every leader in PR wants to become HERO in their communities and champion for their own interests. For a good example. Lion Karpal started to shit at DSAI for causing trouble in PR. Unfortunately, Karpal is too arrogant to understand that DSAI is Opposition Leader or TAIKO in PR and without DSAI, PR will not gain support from Malay majority as compared with DAP and PAS are racial based parties. Ask YB LKS to shut Karpal - BIG MOUTH ! Yes, Karpal has his personal right to talk but he has been talking rubbish too much and hurting PR harmony and unity.


The Art of War in all books stated that UNITY is paramount to bring prosperous and longevity in a party, team and government. PR biggest weaknesses is a truly UNITED PR team to aspire and convince the people that PR is able to govern the federal government of Malaysia. Beside Malaysians noticed that all members and leaders are fighting for personal gain and greedy for exco post or other perks when he/she is elected as a MP or ADUN. Similar each party must ensure unity of their leaders and members. For good example, PAS is the most united party with their members and leaders are resolving internal conflict behind closed doors and governed by Islamic rules and guidelines. However, PKR and DAP are less united where the elected MPs and ADUNs willing to become traitors and defect to BN if their personal interests and greed are not honor by the party leaders. The recent defection of tainted corrupt PKR ADUNs and greedy polio lady of DAP ADUN was an expensive lesson for PR to let Perak state government to fall to BN.


Malaysians have given full mandates to DAP, PKR and PAS to rule and govern five states, Perak, Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan for a change to better as compared with BN. PR lack of focus to understand the people needs and desire for change in five state governments. This is because DSAI greed desire and dream to topple BN in the federal government by using “Defection Game” has caused other PR leaders to lose focus in their duties in national and state levels. As such, the lost of Perak is a bitter lesson for PR leaders agreed with DSAI on the defection game when PR is less power play and money politic to buy over the greedy MPs or ADUNs as compared with BN dirty tactics used for past years. As Chinese proverb says: DSAI is like a Tiger never changes his stripes and he has been nurtured by BN for using the same defection game like Sabah to take over BN federal govt in his dream plan in Sept 16. Unfortunate for PR to lose focus in protecting their own fort in Perak and lost the defection game to BN. PR leaders should focus to bring good state administration results and proof the rakyat that PR can lead the country at federal level in next general election PRU13.



The waiting PM lead BN to use of defection game and dirty method to topple a legitimate elected state government in Perak has tarnish the image of Malaysia in the eyes of the world. He does not seen to become a clean, transparent and non-corrupt leader who is going to lead the country. YB Najib wants to become “Kampong HERO”to please his UMNO members in the coming general election of the party on March 2009 by capturing Perak state govt unconstitutionally and undemocratic manner. Unfortunately, Najib has a poor vision as compared with former Tun Dr Mahathir because he thinks of taking over Perak govt is a victory for BN without the people consent and used the Ruler as a scapegoat to fight off the people power. He never thinks that the world leaders in watching his style of leadership as a waiting PM of Malaysia. In short, Malaysians are shameful and disgrace to have a future PM who is dislike and disrespect by all Malaysians and other world leaders. I sincerely hope YB Najib is “man” - jantan enough to call for a snap election in Perak or general election in Malaysia when he becomes PM after March 2009. If BN win with majority votes in Perak or Malaysia, then YB Najib deservse his merit as a PM for all Malaysians and BN victory is well acceptable by all Malaysians.


The used of monetary power to topple a state govt is unhealthy practises from any political party involved. This method of money politic used by UMNO leads BN in buying votes in any elections have caused tremendously negative impact to the country. Many foreigners or foreign investors have misunderstood that money can buy the integrity, dignity and morality of all Malaysians and her leaders since the govt leaders are corrupt, non trasparent, dirty and imoral. As mentioned by Tun Dr M in the HardTalk interview, he says "the (Malaysia) govt is corrupt". His statement is published live in the media worldwide. YB Najib actions in toppling Perak is assumed to use money power in the defection game and bribe of the four frog ADUNs to quit PR as traitors. An early daylight robbery by BN in Perak and BN has caused the people anger by days to reject BN leaders

Similar, UMNO is tainted with money politic to corrupt their members to vote for their corrupt leaders in forthcoming general election on March 2009. This does not augur well when UMNO warned MACC on the investigation into money politic of UMNO. The world is watching and witnessing the money power play and over rule the people vote power in Malaysia. Hence, Malaysia is turning to become a "Pariah" nation where money rules Malaysians. In short, people power to vote is less vital when money power comes into play will kill off the democracy system in Malaysia.

The five missing factors are good for PR and BN if both parties can able to change them.

Thank you
Anak Malaysian / Perakian

Billgates said...

Well said Tuanku. I hope PR will learn from this episode or else leave it to BN to govern