Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perak drama: Pakatan will not back down - Star

Feb 5, 2009

(5:10pm) MB Nizar says the Pakatan Rakyat state government will not resign because it still is in power. Instead, it will seek another audience with the Sultan to request the state assembly be dissolved and fresh elections called.

(4:50pm) MB Nizar tells press conference Pakatan Rakyat will appeal to the Sultan for the state assembly to be dissolved so that the people of Perak can decide on their next government. He, however, has not yet addressed the issue of him resigning as MB.

(4:45pm) PM Datuk Seri Abdullah has told Pakatan Rakyat to accept Barisan's rule in Perak. "They should accept it just as we had accepted results of the general election," he said. Abdullah also expressed his appreciation to the Perak Sultan for not dissolving the state assembly.

(4:21pm) Police and FRU have taken over the State Secretariat building. Once Sultan Azlan Shah declared the Mentri Besar and excos must step down, the state secretary sent letters to all excos telling them to surrender their belongings, such as keys and cars etc. He also went to the offices of the excos and told all their personal assistants to leave immediately.

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