Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're ready to back BN on anti-hopping law: Karpal - Star

Feb 1, 2009 By ANN TAN

GEORGE TOWN: DAP is ever ready to provide Barisan Nasional the necessary support to enact an “anti-hopping” law that would prevent elected representatives from defecting to other parties.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh said his party had stood against party-hopping since being formed in 1966.

“However, a stand is not enough,” he told newsmen after visiting Air Itam market on Sunday.

Karpal called for amendments to the Federal Constitution to make it illegal for Members of Parliament (MPs) to jump ship, saying an MP was voted by the rakyat (people) according to his party and not the individual.

“The MP represents the party and therefore has no right to cross over after being elected.

“In fact, he should quit his seat for a by-election should he decide to resign from the party he represented when he was elected,” he said.

“This is a serious cheating offence. It is a disgrace to the country,” he said, calling for Barisan to raise the motion in the coming Parliament meeting in February.

Karpal said he would personally raise the motion if Barisan would give its full support in passing the motion.

“Although Barisan did not secure a two-thirds majority, rest assured that DAP is willing to provide it the support it needs to pass the amendment,” he said.

Karpal Singh said once the amendment is passed, it should be retrospective up to Aug 31 1957 to take action against those who had crossed over since then.

“The rewards and pension they received all this while should be retracted,” he said.

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